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Do you want to sell your car quickly?  WIN will help with great photos and a credible condition report.

Auction managers can offer WIN to consignors as a “for profit” add-on or as “added value” to dealers.

The WIN crew isn't above having a little fun!  Enjoy this collection of recent company videos... and other stuff!

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Is a division of Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services with over 900 employees at 37 locations in 19 different states.  

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Saving you time and money with the photography required to market your VEHICLES!


Let WIN take the pain out of the photo process when prepping your vehicles for the internet and online marketing.

How to Create Trust & Credibility

Millions Choose "Do-It-Yourself" Car Sales!

It’s estimated that 47 million vehicles are sold each year (nationwide) via private transactions.  Nearly 100% of those sales is initiated online.  Craigslist, Ebay Auto, and many other outlets make this a “no brainer” for those who want to go it alone.  

Do you want to sell your car quickly?  Of course you do.  Then you MUST have some great photos.  But that's not all!  Your buyer MUST have good and honest info with which to make a decision.  One great way to “sell” yourself,  along with your vehicle, is to provide a complete and credible WIN “Condition Report.”  It’s a simple task with our WIN / CR combo.  And you can do it yourself with an iPhone or Android.  It's EZ!

A “Condition Report” protects both you and the seller.  With WIN you can document a complete and accurate description of your vehicle.  Your buyer knows exactly what they are buying— no one can question your integrity, before or after the sale. Trust and credibility are essential on both sides of the deal.  With the WIN CR your backside is covered!  You win!  They win!  It's a win / win with WIN!