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Do you want to sell your car quickly?  WIN will help with great photos and a credible condition report.

Auction managers can offer WIN to consignors as a “for profit” add-on or as “added value” to dealers.

The WIN crew isn't above having a little fun!  Enjoy this collection of recent company videos... and other stuff!

The wireless imaging network...

Is a division of Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services with over 900 employees at 37 locations in 19 different states.  

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​​​​Wireless Imaging Network

Saving you time and money with the photography required to market your VEHICLES!


Let WIN take the pain out of the photo process when prepping your vehicles for the internet and online marketing.

Our CEO, Ron Hope, never slows down— LITERALLY!   He's enjoyed a life long love of fast cars. One of the pioneers in America's drag racing scene, Ron regularly races his Rat Trap Racing "fuel altered" dragsters at events all over the world.   He also holds several world records with his Bonneville speed cars.  He's the "crazy" in the office and takes more than his fair share of abuse from the staffers.  All in good fun, of course.  We love him!

Our Phone System "On Hold" Message Put to Video

Meet, Ron Hope, Our "Drag Racing" CEO

A One-of-a-Kind Man with a Very Unique Company